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"Can I kiss you?" (( hELLO SOROWI AT YOUR SERVICE? ))



"Of course you can! I love kisses!" she giggled. //yES I WOULD LIKE TO ORDER A KISS PLEASE HOW MUCH WILL THAT COST//

"Heehee, really? I love making wonderful plans!" For that, she reached in and kissed his nose. 

"I love you, Sarlem…!"

Though Nowi still couldn’t pronounce Soren’s name properly, he found himself not particularly caring in this moment. A small smile found its way onto his face as he felt her lips on his nose.

"I love you, too, Nowi."

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"You're not welcome here anymore."




The words might have well been a slap to the face. Esme’s eyes were wide open, her expression slack jawed in shock.

"… What did I do?! Father, please, tell me, I’ll do anything to fix it!"

Esme frowned, her face going red with embarrassment, starting with the tips of her ears.

"… Yes. B-but for the record, I was trying to study it! I thought I would make a few notes in the margins to help me comprehend it better, but… I spilled the inkwell. Father, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to! I-I’ll buy you another! I’ll buy you ten copies!"

With a sigh, Soren’s rage was soon relieved. He would be lying if he said that, when he was young, he didn’t ruin several of the tactics books he had tried to study. He shook his head, putting a hand on his child’s shoulder.

"There’s no need to apologise, I was simply raged in a spur of the moment. I was once like you, when I was a growing tactician. I have plenty more books," he looked down to her, "shall we study them together?"

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"Do you want to cuddle?"



He fell silent as she asked the question. His breaths, heavy with emotion as he couldn’t control the sharp intakes of air he took. Damn it. He hated suddenly blowing up with rage at his position, his fate; it was always Sami’s duty to pick up his broken pieces. Reaching his hand to his cheek to dry them off, he nodded only slightly.

The prince sat down on his bed, his gaze expectantly catching Sami’s. Despite the fact that they had cuddled to calm him down a number of times before, his cheeks were still painted with a bashful glaze.

Sami shook her head, refusing to let go. “I don’t care. If they’re going to take you away, then I’ll follow you! B-because even if you’re not acting like you, I… I know you’re in there!”

She knew it’d be a lie to say he wouldn’t hurt her. But it was a risk she was willing to take. She knew that if it came to that, to where he was in a fit, he’d know it was her; he would never harm her save a scratch or two. She was certain of that.

"I don’t want you to have to face all of that on your own… Even if you don’t know it’s me…"

He knew it was pointless arguing with her. No matter what he did, or said, there would be no changing what she wanted to do. He simply gave up, burying his face into her neck, the tears forming in the corners of his eyes slowly dripping onto her skin.

"… Okay. If that’s what you really wish to do, then do it. But… I just don’t want to hurt you."

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"Father, you said I could have Melior, right? Miranda keeps saying that you told her she could have it, but I distinctly remember you telling her she could have Sienne!"




"Yes, that’s right, I did say you could have Melior, if you wished so. Tell your sister that she can have whatever territory she wishes, though the Crimean capital is yours."


"Of course! Anything to make you proud."

Just seeing the slight smile on her father’s face was enough for her. With a joyful laugh, she put her arms around Soren, looking up at him. “I love you, father.”

Soren’s arms held his daughter close to him, a tinge of sadness in his gaze as he looked down towards her. It was moments like these which he cherished — moments in which his daughter was happy, young, and the difficulties of war had not yet reached them. Neither did the curse of his blood. He shook the thought from his mind, forcing a small smile.

"I love you too, my dear child. Now, go, tell your sister what I have told you. I must work."

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Send me a @ “AUUUUU” and I’ll generate an au from this list and make a starter.

Coffee Shop!AU.

That girl came into the shop every day - Soren had noticed - watching her sit down at a table and pull a book out of her bag. She didn’t seem to have gotten much further into it than when he noticed her reading it yesterday. Maybe she’d had a busy day? He shook the thought from his mind. He didn’t want to think much of their customers’ personal lives, but this girl was just… interesting - as familiar to him as his own mind, yet he knew nothing about her.

Ike, who stood beside him by the counter, nudged his side and gave him a smirk as if to say "go get her." He scowled at the bluenet, but approached her table anyway - he had to. Someone had to take her order.

"Good morning," he said, standing beside her table and pulling his notepad and pen from his pocket, "you’ll be having the usual, I expect?"

[text] um i’m on my way right now!

[text] i’ll see you soon okay?

At that, Sami rolled off her bed with a speed she didn’t realize she was quite capable of, putting on her shoes and hurrying out of the house, bidding her mother a quick goodbye and running down to where Soren would presumably be waiting.

[text] Of course. See you soon.

Thinking that Sami wouldn’t send another text, Soren slipped his phone back into his pocket and picked up his pace. As he made his way to their meeting place, he found himself pulling his hair from its ties and redoing it nervously.